Open Inclusion

Adaptable Accessiblity Website

Open is a leading accessibilty digital solutions consultancy, They advise on how companies should adapt their products to adhere for disabilites.

Open Inlusion asked us to help redesign their website so it would be more appropriate for the global growing number of accessible users. We would create a solution that not only looked great but was adaptable for all, considering a variety of different personalities including elderly, hard of sight, & ADHD.

We wanted to create stories and feedback of the personas who would be using the sites to show how much value a redesign is for a client Open works with. Over 40% of the population has some form of disability, that's a lot of potential customers. We design and build all our websites with accessibility in mind, from colour ranges we use, to code tags which are voice readable.

We work in sketch to design out websites and one plugin we use enables us to see the different variations of colour blindness, a plugin that came in super cuseful when designing Opens website. There are four variations of how well a colour would show for someone who is hard of sight. Two grades of which would pass, and the other two would fail. If the colour fails to pass the test we would have to rethink that shade otherwise it could cause issues for some users.