Loyalty Website design

A collaboration with Missguided and loyaltylion to create a loyalty and rewards platform for the popular womens clothing retailer.

We worked with Missguided to introduce a loyalty program for their userbase to feature as an additional platform for their current website. The platform would consist of three main areas; Offers, Rewards, & email marketing

The portal would be highlighted from the home screen and once a user enters would provide them points, which they could then exchange for products. The purpose of the platform is to increase customer retention, increase ROI (Return On Investment) from marketing campaigns, and to increase user referrals with the aim to keep the comapanys CPA (cost per aquistition) low.

User are able to earn points through visiting the Missguided Website, referring friends and making purchases. The products that will then be on offer for users to purchase with the points will be items that are less popular so stock is high, going out of season, sale items or cash vouchers.

We created a system so if a user keeps returning to the wesbite we show a refferal modal, which includes a unique link to pass to friends. In short it is a discount code which helps Missguided track and see customers who have made refferals and credit their accounts appropriately.