Website design, branding

Millsons vending are the leading vending machine distributer in Kent & Sussex. We redesgined their website and they have seen sales rocket as a direct result!

Millsons were after a complex ecommerce website that showed their business customers that they had the latest vending machines. For this we brought those same qualities into their website design, using the latest design trends to convey this.

The website is fully responsive meaning it will work on any screensize it needs to. We ensure all our websites are fully responsive. There are two reasons for this, 1 - we want to make sure your website looks the best it can, wherever it is viewed. 2 - in 2015 Google introduced an algoritm which allowed responsive website to show up before non-responsive websites in search engine results.

One of the requirements for Millsons new website was it had to have a product page inclusive of products, machine details and an ecommerce platform for businesses to purchase a vending machine when they found one that met their requirements. We integrated the an ecommerce platform which meant that the Millons team could see statistics like how many people viewed a particular product and also purchase. The site also allowed Millsons to add or remove products whenever they required. They retained full controll of their business and website and were not constantly reliant on having to ring up their developer whenever they needed a prduct adding.

Unlike most responsive websites, Millsons required that we make their website look more like an app using ios native components when the website was viewed on a mobile rather than simply including a hamburger menu.