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  • Website design, Marketing materials,
    iOS app design

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    “Maybe* helps shoppers what to buy. By pairing your shopping experience with social feedback from friends and people near your location.“

    The Brief

    Looking to break into the space between Snapchat and Pinterest, Maybe* have created a social platform for getting feedback before making a purchase. Maybe* collaborates with the retailer to create a platform that mirrors pinterest where users can share photos of items that are considering buying. These posts are then shared with people in the users area and with people who have previously bought similar products to get advice on wether that particular dress would suit them, or feedback on if particular drill is an appropriate gift choice.

    When We first met the Maybe* co-founders they were very early in their startup journey. We were consulted on user research sessions and initial ideas they had. We social proofed these ideas and begun putting together a marketing plan for the team. Maybe* are lucky enough to have a veteran founder in their ranks, so the project to this point was self funded, however there soon became a need to raise further investment. We helped putting together an investor deck, and marketing strategy in the form of instagram competitions.

    At this point we started working on the overall UX and visual design that would make the iOS application, and website extension. We followed the double diamond design approach including competitor research, customer journey mapping and user testing within our process.

    After a few months we had completed an MVP (Minimal Viabal Product), to showcase to investors, alongside the earlier investment deck. To meet investors the Maybe* team attended trade fairs and networking events. Partnered with our marketing strategy, we designed a full installation area for Maybe*, which could later be used in shopping centers, and other busy streets to gain awareness for the growing brand.

    Where are they now

    Maybe* raised investment as a direct result of the investment deck we produced, and were able to scale their team accordingly. They have since gone on to accumulate over 100,000 downloads on the Apple app store. They have been shortlisted for both 'Excellence in Digital Marketing’ and 'UKBAA' awards 🏆, provided by Tech Awards and Natwest.

    Check them out

    Maybe* Website
    App Store