App, Website, marketing

Looking to break into the space between Snapchat and Pinterest, Maybe* have created a social platform for getting feedback before making a purchase. Maybe* collaborates with the retailer to create a platform that mirrors pinterest where users can share photos of items that are considering buying. These posts are then shared with people in the users area and with people who have previously bought similar products to get advice on wether that particular dress would suit them, or feedback on if particular drill is an appropriate gift choice.

Maybe* app design

We helped create the website design, the app design, promotional material and marketing campaigns. The User interface is heavily influenced from pinterest, using it's wide user base to our advantage as the interace is instantly recognisable and navigation becomes second nature which provides a better experience.

appstore screens design for maybe*

When Maybe* went live on the appstore one of the creatives they needed was appstore screenshots, these needed to be engaging and fit with the company brand. We created very clean designs, essentially white on white which bring forward the colour and focus the the UI. Backed simply by the text laid in the blue brand colour. A technique we've found to be very effective across other marketing strategies.

website design image

When it comes to the website, we wanted the design to replicate the app in terms of interface composition. We left it clean and with a standard navigation type which helps make the UI seem more familiar. By adding bold colour to the topbar we are able to indicate to the reader Maybe* is a fun, young brand focussed on indecisive shoppers.

promotional stand design

Part of a marketing campaign was to create a series of promotional stands to be used in multiple areas such as shopping centers and busy streets.

promotional stand design

We curated a unique composition of desks, interactive displays and exagerated devices, to draw potential customers in and build excitement and awareness for the upcoming brand.