DeWalt - Stanley

Marketing Ad Campaign

We were responsible for creating a new interactive advertisement to be used accross a google ad campaign. The objective was to increase awareness and conversion for a new Drill range.

We partnered with Adludio, a company who has created software which enables us to animate and provide interactive marketing ads for Google campaigns. We're able to add user interactions to sidebar ads to increase user engagement and provide more information than static images. The Project was to showcase a New industrial drill that, despite not having a mains cord, is as powerful as all over drills.

advertising campaing for dewalt app layout

Our first step is to identify the user we're going to be marketing the product at. We need to find out what they like, don't like, age, gender, influences. We do this by conducting questionnaires at focus groups. After we've got the results back we write up user personas for our market. Being a Google partner comes with benefits such as the latest white papers and SEO/SEM techniques to ensure we can tailor our marketing strategy differently for every client. By analysing their target market we could provide a solution that would increase conversion and lower PPC rates.

dewalt user research and personas

At this point our team start mapping out how the storyboard and flow would look for the user. This helps us to keep on the same page and ensure the advertisement does not get too long or distracting.

See LIVE interaction here

storyboard mapping for mobile interaction process

Adludio comes with a number of preset rules and interactions that we can add into our campaigns. When we are sketching out the storyboard and then transalating them into final designs we always ensure to keep these interactions as the core.

app interaction process

As there are an increasing number of screensizes ranging from iphone 4s right up to ipad pro size, and all the Android variations inbetween. Not to mention the ever increasing sizes for desktop computers we have to consider how the advertisement will respond on all platforms.

dewalt portfolio final design

The final story focused on DIY with the benefit of the cordless drill being used outside to drill holes in wooden decking. Something that would resonate with our audience being in the age group 24 - 30, many of whom would have just purchased their first home and funds would be a little tighter so hiring a professional wouldnt be an option.